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Getting a head start on your applications will give you a definitive advantage over other candidates, by allowing you to improve your profile and approach your candidacy in the most strategic and thoughtful manner


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A successful application begins with an intelligent strategy. Well before you dive into the complexities of writing, it’s vital that you consider every aspect of the process, including which schools to choose, how to structure out your timeline, and which of your profile’s strengths and weaknesses you need to begin taking into account. In that critical planning stage, an AA admissions advisor will guide you by developing a comprehensive and unique approach on how to tackle the application process.
Depending on the complexities of your applications and the circumstances of your profile, we offer 2 or 4-hour AA Prelaunch Strategy Sessions.


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GURU Package ¹ ²

As with any competitive process, admissions success is not determined solely by how you perform on the application, but also by the actions you take to shape your candidacy beforehand. If you’re looking to begin preparing 1 year or more in advance, our admissions advisors can help you shape and maintain your professional and personal profile to position you ideally for the application process.

  • We begin by developing a complete overview of your candidacy, looking at your history from professional, educational and personal perspectives, in order to understand all of your major strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we take the time to understand your current drive, and your short and long-term plans, which allow us to help you identify target schools that can lead you to accomplish your goals. With this information at hand, we can develop a unique roadmap strategy that you can execute.

  • When you decide to take any action, professional or personal, or decide to engage in dialogue with a particular program, we will be there to guide you through the process.

  • We will periodically reevaluate your complete profile, advising what necessary adjustments to make in order to continue to improve your position relative to your future applications.

  • We will create and continually update a CV that you can utilize in all communications with target programs.

  • You will have unlimited email access to your advisor to help answer any questions you might have relative to the application.


¹Standard packages come in two forms. A 1-year package includes up to 6 hours of meetings (2-hour sessions), 1 hour of phone calls and unlimited email support. A 2-year packages includes up to 12 hours of meetings (2-hour sessions), up to 2 hours of phone calls and unlimited email support
²Applicants who take on the Long-Term Guru Package receive 650 € off of their first application