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Every program and every essay requires a careful, complicated and unique approach. Our admissions advisors will work with you to look at each essay individually and relative to the whole application to develop an impactful and wholistic story that expresses who you are. After your drafts have been finalized, our admissions editors will review every word that’s utilized to make sure that your voice comes through in the strongest fashion.

Admissions CV Review

Our admissions advisers will help shape your CV to perfectly match your application requirements. 

Your resume will follow you throughout the admissions process: from acting as a gateway for understanding who you are, what you’re capable of achieving professionally and contributing to the program to being used to direct the interview process. Our admissions advisors and admissions editors will work with you to shape the CV into the perfect representation of what makes you a valuable addition to your MBA.

Essay Strategy & Editing

We can help you develop and/or edit your essays to match your target programs’ needs. 

Recommendations should never be completed haphazardly. Our admissions advisors will help you understand how to choose ideal recommenders and how to coach them to develop meaningful and beneficial letters that complement your entire application.

Recommendation Letters

Whether you need to choose recommenders or coach them, our admissions advisers can provide you with a necessary edge. 

Our admissions advisors have the extensive experience necessary to guide you through the process and help you strategize natural and impactful answers through mock interview processes. We will work not only to improve your content, but also to maximize the appeal of your presentation.

Interview Prep

No matter the style of interview, we have the experience to guide you in mock interview sessions. 

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Additional Requirements

Our admissions advisors have the relevant experience to help you with any additional materials you need to provide, including analytical CVs, PowerPoint presentations and organizational charts. 

Alliance Admissions Advisors are here to help you finish the whole application, whatever the requirements. If your application requires advice for any additional portion, no matter how minor, such as the creation of an organizational chart, we will work with you to make sure that it’s completed expertly.

Case Study

Trained in the case study method, we’re ready to guide you through the process of analyzing and presenting a case. 

Waitlist Strategy

Our admissions are trained  to review your application process,  and assess what options you have and what next steps you should take with your prospective program. 

If you’ve been rejected from your desired program, you can turn the experience to your advantage by understanding what the admissions committee found lacking in your profile. By learning about your weak spots, you can make the necessary corrections to boost your chances for reapplication. At Alliance Admissions, we will go over your whole application, review your interview performance and identify areas in which you can improve your profile to substantially increase your chances during reapplication.

Rejection Strategy

We will carefully go over your entire application, review your interview performance and identify areas in which you can improve your profile to substantially increase your chances during reapplication.


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Hourly Services

We understand that sometimes individuals have unique requirements. If you are looking to create a custom package, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can develop the solution that is right for you.


You can also hire us for per hour services. Our hourly rate is 295 €.* However, for the purchase of 8 hours or more, we offer a rate of 280 € an hour.

*Minimum purchase: 2 hours