Stanford has just released its deadlines for the 2022-2023 MBA application season, which you should carefully keep track of if you’re considering applying to GSB.

You can also find our expert take on Stanford’s MBA essays and optional questions in our in-depth article.


Autumn 2023 Intake (MBA Class of 2025)

Round 1: 13 September 2022

Round 2: 05 January 2023

Round 3: 11 April 2023

Stanford provides a bit of additional guidance concerning selecting an application deadline:

Your completed application, including your letters of recommendation and application fee payment, is due at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date for the round in which you apply.

Do not rush your application, but there are some advantages to applying in either Round 1 or Round 2, including:

  • Ample time to complete any recommended quantitative preparation prior to arrival on campus
  • Access to the on-campus housing lottery including Stanford GSB Residences (Jack McDonald Hall and Schwab Residential Center)
  • Additional time to complete the visa application process (Bechtel International Center).
  • The opportunity to attend Admit Weekend (there is no Admit Weekend for Round 3).
  • If you want to use one application to apply for both the MBA and MSx programs, you must apply in Round 1 (09 September 2021) or Round 2 (07 January 2022). You may apply in Round 3 to both programs, but you would need to complete two separate applications.

If you and your partner are both applying in the same year, we strongly encourage you to apply in the same round so that you will know if your partner has been admitted by the time you have to accept or decline your offer of admission.

If you are interested in deferred enrollment, you may apply in any round. Many defer-eligible applicants prefer Round 3.

If you’re looking to create a powerful Stanford application, be sure to reach out to our GSB Experts. For more detailed information on the technical parts of the application, you can consult Stanford’s website.

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