Full-time MBA

Round 1: 15 October 2018

Round 2: 15 November 2018

Round 3: 15 January 2019

Round 4: 15 March 2019

Fashion & Luxury MBA

Round 1: 15 September 2018

Round 2: 15 November 2018

Round 3: 15 January 2019

Round 4**: 15 February 2019

Andre Koo Tech MBA

Round 1: 15 September 2018

Round 2: 15 November 2018

Round 3: 15 January 2019

Round 4**: 15 February 2019

**Only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents may apply by this deadline. Applicants who are non-U.S. citizens at the time of submitting their application must apply no later than the January 15 deadline.


NYU Stern is a powerful MBA program that can open for you the doors to one of the world’s most important markets: New York City. However, before you find yourself at the threshold to NYC, you’ll need to get through a highly competitive application process.

As with any top MBA program, you should first begin your application by researching NYU Stern carefully and in-depth. Pay special attention during your research to the growing importance that NYU places on the EQ of a student (the emotional quotient).

Also note, NYU offers four potential MBA programs to apply to. The application is the same for all of them and you can, in fact, apply to all four programs at once. However, it’s most likely in your interest to only apply to the programs that best match your short and long-term goals. Also, for foreign applicants, keep in mind that part-time MBA programs cannot be used to justify a VISA.

If you need any help with your NYU Stern application, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Essay 1: Professional Aspirations

  • What are your short and long-term career goals?

  • How will the MBA help you achieve them?

(500 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

Whenever choosing your short and long-term professional objectives, there are two factors that need to be carefully weighed: attractiveness and realizability. It’s important not to underestimate the value of the latter factor. NYU will not judge your objectives in a vacuum; they will look for how your previous professional experiences and your future education at Stern will aid you in succeeding at those aims. That does not mean that you can’t choose a different field or role for your future occupation; rather, NYU wants you to be able to capitalize on your previous experiences and current skill-set in a logical way to achieve your future positions. This is especially true for your short-term goal, which should certainly avoid being too ‘pie in the sky’.

In the second part of the essay, you need to explain how NYU’s MBA will lead you to accomplish these goals. Treat this portion of the question very seriously. You need to identify what skills and tools you’re currently lacking or need to improve upon to reach your objectives. Then, you need to dig into Stern’s offering (their courses, professors, course structure, extracurricular organizations, trips, partnerships, etc.) to link specific NYU assets to your needs. Do make sure to avoid noting anything too general or listing everything under the moon. Think strategically, as you link your requirements to Stern’s offering.

Essay 2: Personal Expression (a.k.a. “Pick Six”)
Describe yourself to the Admissions Committee and to your future classmates using six images and corresponding captions. Your uploaded PDF should contain all of the following elements:

  • A brief introduction or overview of your “Pick Six” (no more than 3 sentences).

  • Six images that help illustrate who you are.

  • A one-sentence caption for each of the six images that helps explain why they were selected and are significant to you.

Note: Your visuals may include photos, infographics, drawings, or any other images that best describe you. Your document must be uploaded as a single PDF. The essay cannot be sent in physical form or be linked to a website.

You have six images to choose or create, and only a small amount of space in which to introduce each one; what do you select? Questions that provide you with a great deal of flexibility are often inherently more difficult to answer than those which ask you for a concrete reply. With too many choices, many individuals become lost in the possibilities.

In this case, you can display six images of completely different topics or represent a consistent theme (keep in mind that you’re introducing yourself, so while you might use six different images reflecting your personal life, you shouldn’t use images exclusively from your professional life). Therefore, with so many possible variations, it’s crucial that you take the time to reflect on yourself and develop a holistic strategy.

Begin by listing out what were the major moments, passions, ideas, accomplishments, and people in your life. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your family and friends to share with you what they believe most stands out about you; often, those around us can see our drivers more clearly than we can ourselves. You can also seek inspiration in your photo albums, as there are often defining moments hidden among a sea of otherwise mundane photos. As well, it may make sense not only to define yourself by what you’ve thought or done, but also by what you may do in the future. With so many choices, you could create a running list of potential images, growing it bit by bit, which will ultimately help you craft a single narrative. This sort of approach will make your final selection, whether it’s themed or a patchwork, a much more cohesive and attractive product.

Essay 3: Additional Information (optional)

Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include current or past gaps in employment, further explanation of your undergraduate record or self-reported academic transcript(s), plans to retake the GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL, or any other relevant information.

 (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

This optional essay should be used only to explain any problems that may exist in your profile or application. While you may be tempted to wedge in an essay from another MBA app or to present the information you may feel is lacking elsewhere, you should categorically avoid doing so. However, if you do have issues with your application, do not hesitate to utilize this area to contextualize them. NYU will simply assume the worst reason for a problem if you do not provide them with a satisfactory explanation. Moreover, do try your best to convince Stern that whatever issues you may have had in your past, they have been completely rectified and will not reoccur in the future.

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