INSEAD offers several rounds for applicants wishing to enroll in its July 2023 class or December 2023 class. You can also find expert advice on INSEAD’s MBA essays in our in-depth article.


September 2022 Intake (Class of July 2023)

Round 1: 07 September 2021

Round 2: 02 November 2021

Round 3: 06 January 2022

Round 4: 22 February 2022

January 2023 Intake (Class of December 2023)

Round 1: 01 March 2022

Round 2: 19 April 2022

Round 3: 14 June 2022

Round 4: 26 July 2022

INSEAD Business School also provides notes to help better understand its deadlines:

  • We have added a fourth round of admissions to allow us to better manage the influx of incoming applications and to provide additional flexibility to our applicants.
  • If you choose to delay submission of your application until the following round of the same intake, your application form details will be saved automatically. Note that access to your form will be temporarily disabled at 23:59pm (Central European Time) on the day of the deadline, as the system will shut down for about four days. Access to your form will resume once the temporary shut down period ends, so you can continue editing it.
  • Please bear in mind that if you miss all four rounds of a particular intake, your application form and its entire contents will expire. At this point, you will be required to complete a new application from scratch, for the next intake.
  • To be included in a specific round, applications must be complete and submitted by 23:59pm French time on the day of the deadline.
  • To enjoy an optimum application experience and to avoid the peak period, we strongly encourage you to apply a couple of weeks prior to the application deadline if possible.
  • Competition for each round is equal regardless of the intake or round you apply for. We review the pool of applications submitted within each round independently, keeping the “offer ratio” (percentage of candidates accepted vs. applications received) fairly constant across all rounds. By “Class” we are referring to the entire population of students beginning the INSEAD MBA programme at the same time (regardless of campus location).

Make sure to reach out to us if you’re looking for expert guidance on getting accepted to INSEAD. If you’re interested in learning more about general application requirements, you can also visit INSEAD’s MBA website.

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