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Our structure

Alliance Admissions (AA) was expressly formed with the idea that a diverse body of business school candidates requires unique and adaptable approaches. At AA, we’re focused on deploying expert admissions teams around individual candidates to maximize chances of acceptance. With locations in France, Switzerland and the United States, and admissions experts distributed globally, we strive to bring the best international admissions teams to our international clientele.

As part of its corporate structure, Alliance Admissions grants Oaks Training Sarl (CHE-414.229.545) the right to act as an operational entity for Alliance Admissions; as such, Oaks Training Sarl (CHE-414.229.545) is a partially-owned subsidiary of Alliance Admissions until such time as Alliance Admissions, at its sole discretion, removes the right of Oaks Training Sarl (CHE-414.229.545) to act as an operational entity.